Our Product

QuickScriptz, is a proprietary digital eye exam that replicates each patient's visual performance via optical modeling algorithms as opposed to traditional eye exam equipment.

Our software digitally finalizes vision prescriptions in a matter of seconds; improving the user experience and convenience for both the optometrist and the patient.

Our Advantage

At the click of a button, QuickScriptz equips optometrists with a convenient & revolutionary software that accurately calculates & simulates the patient's vision prescription & 20/20 visual performance on any digital device; ultimately improving patient management while simultaneously guaranteeing the highest prescription accuracy a patient can receive while visiting their optometrist.

Our Vision

Approximately 2 billion people across 20 developing countries who need glasses do not have access to eye care services; directly impacting quality of life and education. With strategic partnerships across vision and telemedicine markets, our digital approach will pioneer a new global eyecare solution that enables those with restricted access to quality eye-care to receive the prescription care they need for a better life

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