Founder's Journey

Brandon Zimmerman found his passion in the field of Optical Science and Engineering as early as the 9th grade in his economics and entrepreneurship class. Here he was asked to start a company and discuss it with the class. That company? A contact lens that would act as transition sunglasses when the sun was out. This endeavor exposed him to the field of optics, and it ultimately motivated Brandon to write a letter to the University of Rochester's, Institute of Optics. In this letter, young Brandon outlined his desire to become an optical scientist, and unbeknownst to him, the University of Rochester replied to him, and invited him to an in person meeting in Atlanta.

Understanding the opportunity at hand, his mother made the biggest sacrifice of all, she sold their home and possessions in Thomasville, and moved Brandon and his twin brother to Atlanta, Georgia without her, to expose them to more opportunities like this which would shape the rest of their lives. While in Atlanta, Brandon interviewed with University officials and It wasn't long before he, again, packed his bags to pursue his dreams. He moved north and enrolled at the University of Rochester.

Brandon would spend the next 10 years of his life earning his Bachelor's of Science, Master's of Science, and Doctorates of Philosophy in the field of Optical Science and Engineering, while receiving various academic achievements and awards such as: Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Scholar, NASA Student Ambassador, University of Rochester Provost Fellowship and NASA Research Fellowship in which his doctoral research was accepted and collaborated with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Following his PhD, Brandon continued his career with NASA as an Optical Physicist in various roles such as polarization scientist, optical designer, and radiometry specialist for the optics division.

With a PhD in optical sciences, a combined 15+ years of research and engineering experience in the optics community, and a personal commitment to the eyecare industry, Brandon Zimmerman set out to use his knowledge of optical sciences to create an innovative eyecare technology that solves an important issue for doctors and patients alike. When asked what makes him qualified for this journey he replied:

"17 years ago the vision for Digiteyez was born. That vision motivated me to where I am today. At the genesis of the idea I was still developing the academic foundation , experience, resources and credentials to materialize my vision for Digiteyez. Here I am today, with a more evolved idea, and all the tools to pull it off. It's not a matter of if, but when. This is what I was born to do. The time is now"