Why the eye exam has to change

For as long as we can all remember, we have determined the prescription of our eyeglasses by hesitantly answering the infamous question: “Better? Or worse?”. These traditional eye exam techniques & equipment(s) are costly to the eye care provider, time consuming, and inconvenient for the patient. Furthermore, they are restricted to over 2 billion people in developing countries who need glasses, yet have no access to eye exam services.

Digiteyez is a Health Technology (Healthtech) company focused on developing a suite of disruptive technologies, applications and processes for digital eye exams, that will be accessible and affordable to underprivileged and low income communities and health clinics. In 2009 George Washington University released a study [1] that demonstrated that both under-insured as well as racial and ethnic/low income minority communities tend to be at higher risk for undiagnosed and uncorrected vision disorders than the general population. The aforementioned study also states that the primary barrier for providing vision care in these communities was the ability to afford equipment and space.


The suite of technologies that are offered by Digiteyez will address the issues outlined in the aforementioned study. Our innovation will serve as a digital alternative substitute to standard bulky eye exam equipment and routines. Furthermore, our solution eliminates the anxious guessing and human error associated with eye exams, while simultaneously providing a less expensive, faster way to provide more accurate results when determining a patient’s prescription.

[1]Shinn, P., Finnegan, B.. “Assessing the Need for On-Site Eye Care Professionals in Community Health Centers”. The George Washington University